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Executive Event Director

Jessie is a junior studying biomedical engineering. Jessie attended Relay For Life events before college, but was never involved until she came to Penn State. She was an Entertainment CM freshman year and the Entertainment Overall last year. Jessie Relays for all of her friends and family who have been affected by cancer and so that one day we can live in a world without cancer.

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Aleah is an accounting major with an IST minor. Aleah was an Administration CM both freshman and sophomore year. Aleah Relays for her grandfather, who lost his battle with cancer. She joined Relay For Life because she wanted to take part in supporting all who cancer has affected in the hopes of one day finding a cure.

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Donor Relations

Emma is a junior studying Enterprise Technology & Integration. Her freshman year, Emma was a Fundraising CM and sophomore year she was the Recruitment & Involvement Overall. Emma Relays for her Grammy who passed away from lung cancer, and for her grandfather who passed away last fall from cancer. 

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Colin is a junior studying civil engineering. His sophomore year, Colin was a part of the Entertainment committee as a CM. Colin Relays for his grandfather and his best friend. Colin joined Relay For Life because of his friend’s commitment to the cause. 

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Public Relations

Sydney is a junior double majoring in English and public relations. Her sophomore year, she was a part of the Entertainment committee as a CM. Sydney Relays for her grandmother and her cousin, who have both passed away from cancer. 




Meherunnessa is a junior studying mechanical engineering. Meherunnessa was in the Donor Relations committee last year as a CM. She Relays for her track coach, and for more birthdays. Meherunnessa joined Relay For Life to spread awareness and to fundraise to help find a cure for cancer!

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Katharine is criminology major with a double minor in psychology and sociology. Katharine was a part of the Mission committee both her freshman and sophomore year. She Relays for her grandfather and grandmother, who both passed away from cancer, and her father who is a cancer survivor. Katharine joined Relay For Life to support individuals who have been impacted by cancer.

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Julia is a third-year majoring in English and digital/print journalism within the Schreyer Honors College. Julia served as a Relay For Life Team Captain for three years in high school. Freshman year, she was a Fundraising CM and sophomore year she was the Fundraising Overall. Julia Relays for her family and friends who have fought, are fighting, or will fight cancer in the future because she believes there will one day be a world without cancer. Until then, she looks forward to Relaying with everyone at Penn State.

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Grace is a junior studying kinesiology. She has participated in Relay For Life in her hometown on a family team for about 10 years. Last year, Grace was on the Fundraising committee. Grace Relays because she is very passionate about the research aspect of the Relay mission, she believes that research is truly the most important thing to help fight cancer and to have better means for cancer prevention. She knows many people within her close community that have had to battle cancer and all of them had benefits with their fight because of research.  

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