Executive Event Director

Megan is a senior supply chain management major. She was involved in Relay throughout high school, joined the Fundraising Committee her sophomore year, and served as the Public Relations Overall last year. She Relays for her Nanny Eve, who passed away from breast and bone cancer when Megan was 7. She feels lucky to have such a hardworking Overall Committee to make her vision for Relay 2021 come to life!




Taylor is a senior studying Information science Technology and a minor in security risk analysis. During her sophomore year, Taylor was a member of the Blue and White Society team and a fundraising committee member her junior year. Taylor Relays for her Grammy, Frank Kost, who battled and passed from stomach cancer. She loves her committee because they are extremely outgoing and personable and are motivated to do the best they can.



Donor Relations

Kelli is a senior microbiology student, who Relays for her Pop-Pop, Tony, and cousin, Marnie. Kelli served as a team captain in high school for 4 years and joined the R&I Committee last year. She wanted to be the Donor Relations Overall so she could give the committee new life, and she loves the planning and the opportunities Donor Relations brings!




Carianne is a junior studying biomedical and mechanical engineering. She participated in Relay during high school, was a member of the Luminaria Committee her freshman year, and joined the Entertainment Committee her sophomore year. Carianne Relays to make a difference for anyone affected by cancer, and it is important to her that we honor cancer survivors and remember those who we have lost. She loves the Entertainment Committee because they are able to bring energy to Relay, and she looks forward to watching performances and doing activities with survivors, participants, and other committee members.



Recruitment & Involvement

Ashley is a senior veterinary and biomedical sciences student. She served as a team captain for 3 years in high school, was a team member her freshman year, and was a Recruitment and Involvement Committee Member sophomore and junior year. She loves Recruitment and Involvement because she loves getting more people involved in Relay, and she wants to help others make memories that are as great as her memories with Relay. Ashley Relays to raise awareness for all types of cancer and to help fund patient programs and research for a cure.




Elke is a junior neuropsychology major and has participated in Relay for most of her life. Her family had a Relay team when she was little, and she continued Relaying in high school. At Penn State, she joined the Public Relations Committee her sophomore year. Elke Relays for her dad, who is a brain cancer survivor. She loves being the Merchandise Overall and is super excited to create designs and put out merchandise that will raise awareness for Relay For Life.




Julia is a junior majoring in biobehavioral health with a minor in psychology. She has much Relay experience, from being on a Relay team in high school, to joining the Luminaria Committee her freshman year and serving as the Entertainment Overall last year. She Relays for her Pap, who passed away, and her Nana, Nunu, and Aunt Mary, who have beaten cancer. Julia loves the Mission Committee because it combines Survivorship, Advocacy, and Luminaria - her favorite parts of Relay.




Anna is a junior majoring in kinesiology. She was involved with Relay in her hometown and was a member of the Fundraising Committee last year. Because of her love of fundraising, she wanted to serve as the Fundraising Overall, and she has a lot of fun working with her committee members to come up with fundraising ideas. Anna Relays for her dad and grandparents.



Recruitment & Involvement

Mikayla is a senior majoring in security and risk analysis and Spanish. She starting Relaying in middle school and helped plan hometown events in high school. At Penn State, she was a member of the Luminaria Committee her freshman year, then served as the Luminaria Overall sophomore year and the Administrative Overall last year. She Relays for all her family and friends who have fought cancer as well as the entire cancer community in pursuit of a world without cancer. Mikayla loves the Recruitment and Involvement Committee and being a part of a group of people that are excited to share the message of Relay with the broader campus community. 



Public Relations

Lily is a junior majoring in human development and family studies with minors in journalism and child maltreatment and advocacy studies. She participated in Relay in middle school before leading the Relay team at her high school. At Penn State, she joined the Public Relations Committee last year. Lily loves the Public Relations Committee because, especially this year, her committee is essential in spreading the mission and making virtual events possible. She Relays for friends and family who have been affected by cancer and because everyone deserves to celebrate more birthdays.